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Adult Health and Nutritional Assessment

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The registered nurse prepares to conduct a nutritional assessment on Mrs. Varner, a 52-year-old Caucasian female who describes herself as “overweight most of my adult life.” The client states that her health is good. She works part time as a receptionist and volunteers about 10 hours per week in her church. The nurse obtains Mrs. Varner’s height as 64 inches and her weight as 165 pounds. (Learning Objective 8)

  1. What is the rationale for computing body mass index?      What is Mrs. Varner’s BMI?
  2. Calculate her ideal body weight. What is your  assessment of her BMI and weight?
  3. Based on Mrs. Varner’s BMI and weight, the nurse  measures her waist circumference. Describe the proper procedure for this assessment.
  4. Mrs. Varner’s waist circumference is 38 inches. What is  your assessment?
  5. What laboratory values would the nurse review to evaluate Mrs. Varner’s protein levels?

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