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Anatomy and Physiology 1

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  1. Part A: Answer each of the following question in short paragraph. Each answer is worth 20 points.


  1. An 80- year old woman is having trouble walking without falling down. Explain how disorders of many organs may contribute to her problem.
  2. At a routine heath screening, a 54 year old man is found to have an elevated blood glucose kevel.  The test is repeated several times on separate occasions but yields the same results. If his condition isn’t treated adequately, what complication might develop and in which organ systems? What type if counseling does this man need?
  3. Describe in detail the pathway for a signal traveling from one neuron to another. Start from the dendrites of one neuron to the dendrites of an adjacent neuron. What aspect of the neuron helps speed up signal transmission?



Part: B Answer each of the following questions in one to three sentences. Each answer is worth 4 points.


  1. After you donate blood, what cellular process is responsible for regenerating a fresh supply of blood cells in your body? Where does this process occur?
  2. Which specialized cells in the eye are responsible for sensing dim light, bright light, and color vision?
  3. A 60- year old woman reports pain her knees that started during a rigorous hiking trip. She had no pain before the hiking trip. Her knees and distal thigh are swollen and tender. She can no longer walk on that leg. Which conditions of the muscular and skeletal systems might this woman have?
  4. Identify the portions of the integumentary system that do and don’t have nerves.
  5. A 25 –year old man spends much of his time outdoors without using any type of protection from the sun. Which two conditions should this man be concerned about? How can these conditions be prevented?
  6. When you spot an angry bear in the woods, you want to escape quickly. Which part of the nervous system and which gland of the endocrine system are suddenly called into action?
  7. Which organs and structures are involved in maintaining appropriate levels of calcium in the blood? Name the specialized type of system that controls this activity.
  8. Outline the molecular structure of a protein.
  9. A 17- year- old male is only 4 feet tall. He hasn’t grown in 3 years. Which gland is likely malfunctioning?  What’s the status of the growth zones in the long bones of this young man?
  10. What two diseases are classified as begin neuromuscular diseases? What are the characteristics of these diseases?


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