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Assignment: business ethics

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Based upon your level of work experience, please select your Core group. Unless specifically requested and approved, this is not a ‘Team’ selection. This is to help me focus questions and assignments based upon individual levels of work experience and preference, only. You options are:

Core #1  Strong work/managerial experience  (wex)

Core #2  Financial and/or accounting professional concentrations  (fna)

Core #3  General and/or limited experience  (gnl)


question 1A :

Please prepare the following personal observations and in your own opinion (no wrong answers):

A.  What do you feel to be the Top 6 Overall Global Challenges facing organizations today (beginning with your own)?

B.  What do you feel to be the Top 3 Specific Governance & Ethics challenges facing organizations today (beginning with your own)?


Question 1B :

Please prepare the following personal observations and in your own opinion (no wrong answers):

A.  In your own experience, what were the Top 3 Governance Issues and/or Ethical Problems with which you, personally, had to resolve or reconcile?  How did you do it?

B.  Even with limited information, how would you improve the Governance and/or Ethical performance of the organizations of which you are currently a part?

Corporate Governance &Business Ethics

MBA Program Assignments

I.       Preparatory Assignment #1(a)

II.      ContinuingAssignment#1(b)

 Your Approach to Graduate Studies

    CG&E is a graduate MBA course. Corporate Governance & Ethics at the Graduate assumes professionals arrive in class having already pre-read and studied the materials. The ‘lecture’ portion then can focus on (a) an advanced review and in particular (b) workplace workplace/management applications. At the under-graduate level, students prepare for class where the lectures focus on covering all materials at a detailed basic level and more textbook review with less time applications discussion.


    This 2015 Spring CG&E course includes considerable additional readings and will include more time to discuss issues of broader Institutional Governance as well as Business Ethics. We will be very open to discussion real world and/or personal workplace issues you, as professionals, want reviewed in the classroom.


    Before readingthe Rezaeeoptional text, Corporate Governance & Ethics, please remember to first, re-read the syllabus and second, carefully review the chapter slides (found under the course Content provided on eCourseware) before studying the actual book chapters.

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