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Post Discussion: Why Should They be Protected?   Aging does tend to make people more vulnerable physically, socially, and sometimes emotionally. At the same time, however, we know that individuals have different competencies even as they age. (Moody & Sasser, 2015)   Discuss whether you think older adults should be

Poster Presentation 

Ground students must complete a poster to present. Online students must complete an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Both modalities must include the following:   Abstract, including the research question Prior research: literature review Purpose Methods Expected conclusions References

Statistical Analysis Presentation

Present a PowerPoint slide presentation or a written report (you do not have to do both) depicting your analysis of historical juvenile crime data for a specific category of crime, or criminal issue. As an alternative to PowerPoint, you can use one of the presentation applications listed here, or one

Reality Meets the Theoretical

In Chapter 4 of the text, our author talks about risk factors and protective factors. Select a juvenile of your choice or one that we have already studied (such as Greg Ousley, Colt Lundy, or Paul Gingerich from the video in Week One, “Young Kids, Hard Time”) and conduct a

Police and Delinquency Intervention/Prevention Programs

locate a journal article encompassing such topics as: policing, school programs, and community-oriented policing. You can use your research in your Final Paper, due in Week Five. Also, the Required and Recommended Resources, listed every week, are available to use as research for your Final Paper. Once you have found

Essay about your worldview and how it affects your intercultural communication.

Study “The Blind Men and the Elephant” and “What is a Christian Worldview?” articles. Refer to “Demonstration Test Protocols.” Complete at least two demonstration tests on the website:   http://www.tolerance.org/supplement/test-yourself-hidden-bias and consider how your outlook on life is affected by your personal lens. For this assignment, write a two-part (500–750 words)

Conflicting Roles in the Forensic Setting

Correctional psychology is a specialty area within the field of forensic psychology. Work in this setting can present specific challenges for evaluators and treatment providers. For example, a psychology professional working in a corrections facility might serve in dual roles with clients since he or she will likely provide them

Final Report- ethics and aging

As you studied ethics and aging over the past eight weeks the ideals of paternalism and autonomy were frequently parts of the discussion.   Choose one of these ideals and write a 4 – 5 page paper that describes the role it has historically played in ethical issues of the

Individual learning differences questions

Describe a learning context of interest—for example, learning a foreign language, studying for an exam, or remembering names at a party. Feel free to use an example from one of the other assessments in the course. Describe the types of memory and learning involved and the memory and learning problems