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Business Perspective Assignment

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The purpose of this assignment is to engage in critical thinking about organizational mission, values, and codes of ethics in order to be able to interpret challenging ethical situations.


Begin by reading missions, value statements, and codes of ethics for at least two companies. Keep track of what you find, so that you can cite your sources when you write your paper. Based on your research, as well as your reading in this unit, articulate your own definitions of mission, values, and codes of ethics, explaining what you see as the purpose of each.

Next, focus specifically on relationships among values and ethics. Where do they intersect? Under what circumstances might an employee’s action be in line with one, while in conflict with the other?

Based on your understanding of mission, values, and ethics, develop a few key ideas that you see as most important to be included as part of each of these concepts for RPZ Marketing. Where you do not have sufficient information in the case scenarios provided in the courseroom, you may manufacture additional information, as long as it can be seen as logically consistent with the facts of the case. Then follow the outline provided below to write your paper.


To make certain that you address all of the aspects of this assignment, follow this outline:

Part 1: Definitions of Terms

  • Mission:
    • Your brief description of what a mission is.
    • An example of a mission statement that you found in your research.
    • Key ideas that you think make sense to be included in RPZ Marketing’s mission statement.
  • Values:
    • Your description of what organizational values are.
    • An example of a statement of values that you found in your research.
    • Two key values that you think would be appropriate for RPZ Marketing, consistent with the mission statement ideas you provided.
  • Ethics:
    • Your definition of what organizational ethics are.
    • An example of a code of ethics that you found in your research.
    • Two specific aspects that you think should be included in RPZ Marketing’s Code of Ethics, consistent with the Mission Statement and values you provided.

Part 2: Interrelationships

  • Explain how organizational values and ethics are related.
  • Provide an example of a situation in which these intersect; for example, how an element in a code of ethics might be influenced by organizational values.

Part 3: Application to RPZ Marketing

Based on your understanding of the RPZ Marketing business, provide an example of a situation in which an employee of RPZ might face a conflict between the company’s values and code of ethics; for example, taking an action that is consistent with the code of ethics, but in conflict with the organization’s values:

  • Describe the situation.
  • Identify the conflict, and explain why you see it as a conflict between ethics and values.
  • Explain how you would recommend that the employee or employees involved act to effectively resolve the conflict.

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