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Criminology Paper Assignment

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This paper is designed to get you to think about crime in another country. The paper should be approximately 1300 to 1600 words in length, not including the bibliography. You should cite at least four academic sources in the body of your paper. These must be reputable, sociological sources. Most magazines like Time, Newsweek, Glamour and most commercial web sites (those with .COM at the end of the web address) are not reputable, sociological sources. Instead, sociological sources that are scientific are usually found in refereed journals, and they are published by academic presses.
The Adams State College library is a good resource for this paper. You can access the library on-line at: www.adams.edu/library. Reference librarians at the college are assigned to sociology to help you write papers. They can help you find sources if you are having trouble. Please use them as a resource.
REMEMBER: Double-spaced Pages numbered Be sure to consult the grading rubrics for the first and the second drafts so that you are clear on how I grade the first draft and the second draft of this paper
What Do I Do for this Assignment? Choose a country in the world to investigate how they handle crime. Choose a particular aspect of criminology that you want to investigate; a good way to approach this is to look in your textbook for a particular topic that interests you; you must focus on one particular aspect Are you interested in how they handle drug possession? Or perhaps you are interested in their ideas about prostitution Or are you interested in As you continue on your search, use keywords to look for information. Sociology journal articles would be the preferred source. If you do not find a single journal article on the country you have chosen as it relates to crime, I suggest you consult immediately with the reference librarians. After consultation with them, you will be able to decide whether you need to pick a different country. As you continue on your search about how a particular aspect of criminology in this country, begin thinking about a thesis for your paper. What is a thesis? It is a proposition that is maintained by argument. It is a concise statement that the author seeks to persuade the reader is true, a commitment of some sort, a stand which requires support in the body of the essay and which every portion of the essay demonstrates. The thesis must also contain an argumentative edge. It must present an argument that is both interesting and worth proving. A statement like, “The grass is green,” is neither argumentative, nor worth proving.

How Do I Write the Assignment?
Your paper should have four components: an introduction, a body, a conclusion and a list of references.
In your introduction, you should tell the reader what country you have chosen and you should state your thesis statement.
What is a thesis statement?
It is a statement that focuses on a particular topic and expresses your opinion about it.
It provides a focus, raises a question, or states a problem, or presents a point of view.
It must be expressed as a complete sentence, not as a question.
It should not contain phrases like “I think…”
The body of your paper should be organized around support of your thesis statement.
Every paragraph in the body of your paper should have at least one citation stating the source of your information.
Your list of references should include four sources, minimally.
Be sure to cite your sources correctly in the body of the paper and in the References section. For help, consult The Sociology Student Writer’s Manual by Johnson, et al. for the correct format for your “References” page. It can be found at the Reference
Desk in the library or, for purchase, in the bookstore.
Do not use the first or second person format. In other words, do not say, “I think…”
“My impression is…” “You should,” etc. These phrases weaken your paper because they make it turn on opinion rather than statements of fact. Instead, use the third person. For help, consult the book The Sociology Student Writer’s Manual.

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