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Ethics discussion

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How will you be an ethical psychologist researcher? The APA Code of Ethics requires that reasonable steps are taken by someone practicing psychology to minimize and avoid undue harm to students, research participants, clients, and any other individual or group with whom the psychologist may conduct research. In addition, your course work at NCU has exposed you to ethical considerations as applied in a variety of psychological areas as well as continuously emphasized academic integrity overall. Books and Resources American Psychological Association Code of Ethics. Cervo, S., Rovina, J., Talamini, R., Perin, T., Canzonieri, V., De Paoli, P., & Steffan, A. (2013). An effective multisource informed consent procedure for research and clinical practice: an observational study of patient understanding and awareness of their roles as research stakeholders in a cancer biobank. BMC Medical Ethics1430. doi:10.1186/1472-6939-14-30 Illes, J., & Kirschen, M.P. (2014, March). Ethically speaking: Unexpected findings. APA Monitor, 45 (3): 54-56 Nagy, T. F. (2011). Ethics in research and publication. In T.F. Nagy, Essential ethics for psychologists: A primer for understanding and mastering core issues (pp. 199-216). American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12345-011 Nagy, T. F. (2011). Privacy and confidentiality. In T.F. Nagy, Essential ethics for psychologists: A primer for understanding and mastering core issues (pp. 105-126). American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12345-006 Nagy, T. F. (2011). Thinking critically about ethics. In T.F. Nagy,Essential ethics for psychologists: A primer for understanding and mastering core issues (pp. 9-28). American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12345-001 NCU IRB approval information Assignment: Part One Using the scenario you were provided for Question Three of this comprehensive exam, discuss and justify how you will ensure that all aspects of the mock research project you discussed in the previous question will adhere to the ethical standards outlined by the APA and by the NCU Institutional Review Board. Your discussion will need to go beyond just recapping standard best practices and stated ethical guidelines. Specifically, you will need to explain your ethical responsibilities specific to the mock research project as well as the steps you will take to ensure the ethical integrity of the project. Your explanation should include discussion of the following elements as well:

  • What type (s) of risk assessment will you conduct to ensure you have identified any perceived challenges your research might present for selecting, locating, and engaging participants?
  • Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) pay particular attention to protecting research participants, particularly those identified as vulnerable populations. Vulnerable populations include children and minors, prisoners, pregnant women and fetuses, the elderly, economically disadvantaged individuals, and mentally challenged individuals. Reviewing your mock research project, identify what, if any, vulnerable populations could potentially be involved and explain how you would address their needs.
  • What steps will you take to ensure the rights of participants, including confidentiality of data, and the principle of doing no harm?
  • How will you know that a research participant understands the informed consent? What will be critical parts of your informed consent?
  • What safeguards will you have in place to ensure you are presenting all information – from your literature review through reporting of your own data – accurately and ethically? Explain how inaccurate reporting might occur in a literature review and the impact this has upon the public and upon the field.

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