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Gender and Gender Roles

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Write a 500 or more word paper about the three main institutions in gender socialization, family, school, and the media. In your paper also:

  • Describe how these institutions affect gender-socialization.
  • Be sure to include contemporary issues and terminology from our textbook to support your descriptions.


Depending on your sex, you will see the relevance of this topic differently. Considering we all know someone who is a different sex than us and that person/people portray their sex through different versions of gender I am sometimes surprised that we continue to hold specific views about males and females. Sometimes I have to remind myself that our ideas about gender are based on our values.

Knowing that we will all see this topic differently, I want to remind you that as a sociologist it is required of you to acknowledge your biases so that they are less likely to influence your research and results. As a sociologist, you are held to a higher standard. As my student, I know that you can do this. You might want to consider how gender influences your identity and the gender role that you play. It will be helpful to consider it before we move forward.

The perception of oneself as either masculine or feminine is a gender identity. The characteristics, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that society expects of females and males are known as gender roles.

Sociologists often describe our roles as gendered, the process of treating and evaluating males and females differently because of their sex. We often hold onto gender stereotypes that can influence our values and are also influenced by our values. You should also consider your gender stereotypes.

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