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Role of Change Theory in Social Change

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An understanding of change theory is critical to the success of human  and social services professionals. A classic model of change theory  consists of three phases: (a) unfreezing, (b) movement, and (c)  refreezing (Lewin, 1951). Another model describes the differences  between first- and second-order change and how first-order change may  continue to perpetuate the very problems human services professionals  seek to remedy (Watzlawick, Weakland, & Fisch, 1974). Developmental  theory and systems theory may also be relevant to implementing change in  human and social services related agencies and organizations.

As you develop your Capstone Project strategic plan,  think about the element of change and how change might affect the change  processes that will be associated with the agency, organization, or  community for your strategic plan. Think of principles from relevant  change theories and how you can implement those procedures to manage the  individual and organizational change that may come about as a result of  the strategic plan. Along with change theory and processes, you also  should consider codes of ethics to guide you in addressing these issues.

Lewin, K. (1951). Field theory in social science. New York, NY: Harper.
Watzlawick, P., Weakland, J. H., & Fisch, R. (1974). Change: Principles of problem formation and problem resolution. Oxford, England: W.W. Norton.

To prepare:

Select a change theory and the related change  processes (e.g., force-field analysis, developmental theory, systems  theory) that you might apply to address the issues related to the  strategic plan for the agency, organization, or community you selected  in Week 1 Discussion 2(The United Nations Environmental Protection)

In addition, consider the ethical challenges that  you might encounter and codes of ethics you might apply to address these  challenges.

The Assignment (2 page paper APA Style format): Title ” Role of Change Theory in Social Change.

Briefly describe the issues you anticipate encountering in your strategic plan for the United Nations Environmental Protection  .

Explain the change you think is needed to address these issues and factors that might influence that change.

Describe a change theory and related change  processes that may be applied to the issues related to your strategic plan.

Explain how you might apply the theory and processes.

Briefly explain two ethical principles, issues, or challenges that might arise in your efforts to apply these changes.

Explain how a professional code of ethics might  advise in each case. Be specific, citing elements from an applicable code of ethics.

Explain the opportunities and challenges that you might encounter in fostering and implementing the change.

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