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The virtue ethicist’s and the utilitarian’s approaches

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Write a 3- to 4-page paper that contains the following two parts. Address each of the following, which will constitute a first draft of one part of your paper. Use the Ethical Analysis Tool to guide your analysis.

Part 1: Develop a thesis and outline for your paper

Part 1 (1–2 pages):

A 1-paragraph introduction in which you do the following:

Identify the case you are addressing.

Explain the issues involved in the case.

State your thesis (the position for which you argue in the paper).

•A brief outline

Part 2: Explain the virtue ethicist’s and the utilitarian’s approaches

Part 2 (2 pages):

•Explain how a virtue ethicist would approach the case.

•If you do not think virtue ethics is applicable to your case, explain why.

•Analyze the case using the principle of utility.

Support your use of evidence in the assignment with references to the week’s readings. In the essay, practice APA style for your in-text citations. Follow guidelines for writing an ethics paper as presented in the course text appendix, “How to Write an Ethics Paper.”

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